Presentation and impressions from CFA Emirates Fintech event

Last week I had a pleasure to make a presentation and to moderate the CFA Emirates event in Dubai DIFC. It was my second appearance in CFA Emirates events. The first one was in Abu Dhabi a month before. Honestly, I am amazed by the how much people both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai want to educate themselves about Crypto and Blockchain.


I really enjoyed the panel discussion in Dubai. Huge thanks to Darien from Consensys and Saeed from Alphabit Fund. The listeners also enriched the discussion in Q&A. One could feel the enthusiasm from the audience and the discussion after the official part continued on.

I am really happy and proud to introduce the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space to CFA members in UAE. Hopefully the community will grow and people will learn how to solve the real world problems with blockchain and how to trade cryptocurrencies.

More events are planned and will come in the future.

Please find also the presentation from the event below:

Presentation Crypto Dubai





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